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* Team Building 101

*The Psychology of Persuasion 
*The 10 Emotions of Power 
 * Eight to GREAT!

*Navigating The Inter Generational Workplace

*Power Focus 90

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Power Focus 90 ROCKS! 12 weeks of brutal honesty with myself has changed every aspect of my personal and professional life! The weekly lesson on MONEY totally shifted my perspective. PF 90 is a GREAT COURSE!

Lisa M.

San Diego, CA

Power Focus 90 is the best tele-course I have taken! By the end of this amazing 12  week course, my life and business had changed dramatically. The added value of having 12 private coaching sessions with John allowed me to personalize the weekly lesson in a way that maximized my specific needs. 12 weekly lessons and 12 private coaching sessions with John is one of the best investments I have made. With GRATITUDE!


Teri B.

Alberta, CA


When I first learned we would be participating in a corporate training for our group, I met it with a fair amount of skepticism. Having been through corporate training seminars and other programs over the years, I was a little hesitant on the perceived benefit. That skepticism was quickly replaced with enthusiasm and engagement. John offers a unique voice and approach and his personalization of the training segments allows him to very quickly dig into opportunities to provide real-life solutions. Many times in corporate training you hear things that sound familiar, however, John is able to engage you on those things and encourage you to take and sustain action instead of the more common result whereby we mull those things over for a few days until they are forgotten in our daily "grind". John personalizes the experience to the group AND the person, providing a much more personal and succinct training experience. Training to the individual in a group dynamic is a complex task, but John is able to deliver a highly personalized experience while still training the group as a whole. I would highly recommend John and believe he would be a great benefit whether he is working with an individual, small group, or a large organization. 

Dan C. 

Rochester, NY

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John combines a great sense of humor with his unwavering belief in the power of human potential. He delivers a knock out talk!


Bill W.

Las Vegas, NV 

The 3 C's was the most inspiring 15 minute talk I have heard in years! 

Terri C.

Flagstaff, AZ

John truly cares about humanity. His workshop on the Six Human Needs changed the way I interact with my family, friends and co- workers. It's a true game changer.

Sara G.

Scottsdale, AZ

I tend to view most motivational messages as nothing more than hype. John's sincerity and compassion come across throughout his presentation. My co-workers and I are still talking about the concepts he introduced us to. They work!

Dan T.

Phoenix, AZ

John's talk on the 3 C's brought home the importance of Commitment, Communication and Collaboration. I have incorporated his message into my role as business owner, parent and spouse. My results have been outstanding! I'm really looking forward to taking his next Power Focus 90 course.


Chuck D. 

Fort Walton Beach, FL.

Understanding The 6 Human Needs and how to meet them has been the greatest personal development gift I've ever received. John has a unique way of breaking down complex issues in a manner that is easy to understand. Thanks for the gift Coach J!

Marla W.

Toronto, CA.